Online Course: Addressing Transport Challenges

How to develop practical solutions to complex transport policy challenges

An online course you can complete at your own time and pace.
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This course will help you to:

  • learn the key concepts in developing practical solutions to complex transport policy challenges
  • review current practices and developments in transport policy, and see how to apply lessons learned to get results
  • be able to specifically describe the transport policy problem
  • consider the different perspectives of key stakeholders on any policy issue
  • analyse policy issues and approaches, and potential alternative solutions
  • engage in practical exercises translating concepts into practice
  • know where to obtain more information.


Each Blended Learning Course we run has been developed to build your skills and knowledge and address practical issues, to help you be more effective in your work, enable you to see challenges from different perspectives and to think in new ways and be more confident.

We use best practice exemplars to provide up to date practical knowledge. Our proven blended learning format will give you the opportunity to learn and reflect prior to a live class where you can discuss and consolidate your knowledge.

Our approach focuses on two key themes: to be of value and practical. To be successful you need to demonstrate value for money for every transport project or program you work on, ie benefits greater than the cost; and what you do has to be realistic and practical.

Previous Blended Learning Courses.

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Transport Funding & Delivery. Gain insights on how to develop business cases, evaluate investments and identify innovative funding and delivery methods.

Transport System Management. Get the tools and guidance you need to plan and deliver transport related actions based on achieving a bigger impact for a lower cost.

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