Specialist education in transport planning, policy and operations.
Welcome to the Transport Futures Institute – where you can find education and training to build your professional practice. We help professionals increase their capability and competence, progress in a new area and get promoted.

Our Objective

To help transport professional be more successful, by providing engaging, highly effective specialist education and training.

Our Principles

  • improve professional performance – in terms of value for money, productivity and getting results
  • focus on critical skills and knowledge – the key concepts, principles and tools
  • provide real world, practical skills, tools and knowledge for practitioners, tailored to industry needs
  • employ leading practice adult education – active, interesting, applied learning
  • utilise latest research, current practice and recent developments.


Phil Charles has wide-ranging experience in government, consulting and academia. He has developed and implemented transport strategy and policy initiatives across Australia and is an experienced educator and trainer.  He has expertise and experience in transport strategy development and implementation, road safety, traffic and incident management, public transport, strategic analysis and futures scanning, institutional strengthening, professional capability development and market assessment for transport technologies.

He has worked in technical and senior management roles covering transport strategy, planning and operations; research, education and provided strategic advisory consulting to public and private sector clients. Prof Charles was Professor of Transport at the University of Queensland in Brisbane for twenty years. He has graduate and postgraduate qualifications in civil engineering (transport), business, public administration and education.

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