Art of the Start

Art of the Start The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything by Guy Kawasaki (2004)

Interesting book on what it takes to be an entrepreneur and a lot of these concepts can apply to transport strategy implementation.

The Art of the Start gives  the essential steps to launch great products and services.

It  shows managers how to unleash entrepreneurial thinking in established organisations. Kawasaki provides readers with GIST—Great Ideas for Starting Things—including his field-tested insider’s techniques for bootstrapping, branding, networking, recruiting, pitching, rainmaking, and, most important in this fickle consumer climate, building buzz.

In its original form, The Art of the Start was the de-facto standard for learning how to start a company. The new version is longer and features Guy’s latest insights and practical advice about social media, crowdfunding, cloud computing, and many other topics.

See article on Guy Kawasaki’s blog:

Guy Kawasaki isis the chief evangelist of Canva and co-founder of

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