Addressing Transport Challenges

There is a growing need for transport professionals with specialist strategic analysis skills, expertise in getting results and delivering value for money.

Finding solutions for transport problems is a key skill to protect your future career.

Addressing Transport Challenges means identifying what is important, where to focus your effort and be able to develop transport strategies and practical solutions that meet the expectations of today's decision makers.


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Addressing Transport Challenges


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How to deliver a solution addressing transport challenges

Delivery means outlining the approach to deliver a solution to address transport challenges, including consultation, coordination and subsequently evaluating the results. Delivery is really best practice project management and involves translating planning and thinking to execution. Transport projects fail because they either could not be implemented as designed (program failure) or they were executed as … Read more

How to get resources to address transport challenges?

In previous articles the steps in addressing transport challenges were outlined: Role of strategy in solving everyday transport challenges A systematic approach to analysing complex transport challenges How to select a solution to solve transport challenges The next step is getting a decision on resourcing – a systematic approach to evaluating transport proposals and presenting … Read more

How to select a solution to solve transport challenges

Selecting the most appropriate intervention or option to address a transport challenge is the next step after determining the strategy and desired outcomes and analysing the challenges. Usually there is more than one way to address any transport challenge. Different options have different contributions, key stakeholders, resourcing and risk profiles. A package of interventions may … Read more

A systematic approach to analysing complex transport challenges

Analysis means identifying and describing the specific problem(s) being faced and getting an understanding of the underlying cause and effect relationships. Avoiding Mistakes In the article: How can you avoid transport policy mistakes? I discussed the key mistakes that transport professionals experience when solving complex challenges: Problem-Solution Thinking   Forgetting key stakeholder perspectives Ill-defined problem statement Rational Approach … Read more

Role of strategy in solving everyday transport challenges

Let us start with defining strategy. What is strategy? A strategy is a longer term direction to achieve a particular goal.  For example, the vision for road safety is ‘No person should be killed or seriously injured on Australia’s roads’ and the strategy to achieve that includes ‘adopting the safe system approach – safe roads, safe speeds, safe … Read more