Ten Ways Professionals Can Influence Decisions

Today’s professional is expected to work smarter and work harder. But what does working smarter and harder means? Professional practice effects how you are perceived by your peers and management: who you are, what you’ve got to offer, how viable your ideas are, and how well you present them. It is what makes people listen … Read more

Are we there yet?

Looking back ten years or so, and reflecting on what has transpired over the intervening years, amazing changes have taken place – many we could not have imagined, in terms of changes in society, developments in technology and economic growth … including the growth in duration and extent of traffic congestion. However, much of what … Read more

What does transport integration really mean?

Our cities are shaped by where people live, work, learn, shop and play and how they travel around. As transport users, we want connected trips. Transport connectivity is key to enabling the best use of resources, with an emphasis on sustainability. Reducing the overall socio-economic cost of transport infrastructure and services is key to achieving … Read more

Optimism Bias in Transport Planning

Professor Bent Flyvbjerg in his research identified two main causes of misinformation in policy and management: strategic misrepresentation (or lying!) and optimism bias (appraisal optimism). Strategic misrepresentation is the planned, systematic distortion or misstatement of fact in response to incentives in the budget process. Optimism bias is the demonstrated systematic tendency for people to be … Read more

How can you be more certain in getting decisions made?

A big challenge for technical professionals is how to get decisions such as approval to their proposals. Along the path from technical detailed analysis and design to a strategic proposal, technical professionals can be challenged with the ‘strategic’ bit in selling the ‘story’ why the proposal is value for money and should be approved. Firstly, … Read more

What are you doing to progress your career?

Are you concerned about where your career is heading? Maybe you are unhappy in your job or feel your skill and expertise are not being full use. In reality you are in control. You can control how to progress your career. Technical professionals who are prepared, have enormous opportunities in the next decade. This is because … Read more

Professional Identity: Who am I?

Professional identity involves at least partially answering the question ‘who am I?’ For a professional it is how you perceive yourself in relation to your profession and your membership of that profession. Identity is created through beliefs and attitudes, values, motives and experiences through which you define yourself, in your professional life. It is associated … Read more

Transport Business Cases – 7 success principles to make options real

Investment appraisal is about deciding the option that promises the best return, relative to the risk of failure involved. What are the success principles that help you in developing a robust business case?

For a private investor considering an investment, the project option that returns the best profit, relative to the amount invested and the risk of that investment, is likely to prevail. And if the private investor could earn a better rate if they invested in a low risk product such as a 10 year government bond, why would they risk doing any project?

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