How many productive hours a day do you work?

So what is productive time? Before I answer the question, how about an exercise.

Get a timer (can be on your watch or your computer or a kitchen timer) and set it for 60 minutes and then just work on a priority task during those 60 minutes – nothing else.

Let me tell you, at first it isn’t easy – you get thirsty and want to get some water, you have  the urge to check your emails, you have to go to the toilet, the phone rings, someone comes up and asks you a question – all these little interruptions.

And that my friend is what productive time is all about, focus on the productive tasks.

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How to get things done, today!

Some days you begin with the best intentions … and end with the feeling that you achieved nothing of substance.

You sit down at your desk, determined to get things done. Then you answer a dozen emails… take a few phone calls… answer a question from your boss… help a colleague solve a problem…

And before you know it, the day’s over and you haven’t really accomplished anything.

What if you could start each day secure in the knowledge that you WILL make strides toward your goals? What if you could leave the office each day with a feeling of satisfaction?

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