Can Vision Zero improve road safety?

In 2018 an estimated 1,143 people died on Australian roads — the lowest road toll since 1929 (when the population was only one quarter of 2018). What can be done to reduce the road toll even further?

Sweden legislated Vision Zero way back in 1997 – a philosophy of road safety that aims to achive no one will be killed or seriously injured within the road transport system.

Vision Zero provides a vision of a safe road transport system which can be used to guide the selection of strategies and then the setting of goals and targets. Zero deaths are intended as long term target. It is a change from an emphasis on current problems, to being guided by what the optimum state of the road transport system should be.

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Emerging fourth ‘E’ in improving road safety


Road safety has successfully applied the 3 E’s: engineering, education and enforcement, preferably in combination, as they have demonstrated their effectiveness in reducing the human costs of road crashes.

Now as a result of application of technology the potential of fourth ‘E’: encouragement has emerged as a disruptive business model.

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Motor Mania

Motor Mania is a cartoon made by the Walt Disney Company in 1950. In this madcap motoring animation, Goofy transforms into a Mr Hyde-type split personality, when he gets behind the wheel.

The cartoon shows how the character, as the pleasant, friendly and good-natured ‘Mr Walker’, undergoes a change in personality to the belligerent ‘Mr Wheeler’ when he gets behind the wheel of his car.

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