What are you doing to progress your career?

Are you concerned about where your career is heading? Maybe you are unhappy in your job or feel your skill and expertise are not being full use. In reality you are in control. You can control how to progress your career. Technical professionals who are prepared, have enormous opportunities in the next decade. This is because … Read more

The Two-Step Process for Getting Smarter

Oh no, I could never do that… I’m not smart enough.

So you think you need a high IQ?

All too frequently, this is the kind of thing you hear from people who have big dreams… but who think they don’t have what it takes to make those dreams come true.

They not only think that you need to be smart to become successful…
They also believe that being smart is not something you can learn (at least not without devoting years to higher education).

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How to avoid being overwhelmed by your work

It happens to all of us at some time.

You get overwhelmed by your work, by the things than need to get done. You get to the point where you don’t know what to do next.

This can have serious consequences. It slows you down, frustrates you, causes you stress and you don’t end up with that feeling of achievement of a job well done.

We would all like to be successful in our work, as an employee or running our own business. By being successful I mean making solid progress, not getting buried under a mountain of work and not getting the feeling of being overwhelmed.

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What does success mean for you?

Therefore it is important to stop for a while and think about what success means for us.

What is success? the dictionary definitions include:

  • The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.
  • The achievement of something desired, planned or attempted.
  • The attainment of wealth, position or eminence.

There are no right or wrong answers, because it depends on your perspective and context.

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