Microsimulation as a Planning, Operations and Training Aid for Incident Management

The methodology for this study includes a literature review and a modelling case study of the West Gate Freeway in Melbourne. A microsimulation model was set up using AIMSUN NG for the study area. It is concluded that significant resources are required in setting up a microsimulation model for incident analysis. Once set up and … Read more

Improving Traffic Incident Management: Evaluation Framework

The third report of Austroads Project Improving Traffic Incident Management published in January 2007 provides an evaluation framework to assess priorities for new alternatives in traffic incident management (TIM). It involves a literature review of relevant evaluation approaches followed by application to three case studies.It was found that benefit costs analysis (BCA) provides for a … Read more

Review of Current Traffic Incident Management Practices

Austroads released the second report from its Improving Traffic Incident Management project. The project involves a review of traffic incident management in major urban regions across Australia and New Zealand and is designed to identify innovative practices that may be suitable for wider application, as well as provide a benchmark for ongoing improvement. This report … Read more