Improving Traffic Incident Management: Literature Review

Austroads released a literature review report in January 2007 from its Improving Traffic Incident Management project. The project involves a review of traffic incident management in major urban regions across Australia and New Zealand and is designed to identify innovative practices that may be suitable for wider application, as well as provide a benchmark for ongoing improvement.

It could be argued that literature on traffic incident management seemed to fall into two categories; one associated with the management of traffic incident management programs and the other associated with enabling technologies such as detection and modelling.

It can be concluded from the available material that the literature on management issues originate mainly from practitioners and consultants who facilitate these managerial processes as well as having to deal with the actual on site management of traffic incidents, while the technological issues of traffic management are researched by academics.

As such, practitioners have to deal with management of operational activities, institutional relationships and also make decisions on technological issues involving incident detection, resources for clearance and recovery, traffic management and information dissemination to the public.

Download the free report from Austroads [Report AP-R296/07, 56 page PDF 0.4MB]

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