Transport Strategy and Planning

In today's world, building your professional practice is harder than ever.

The world of transport is enormously complex. While more and more information is available, there are few trusted sources. You can't learn everything there is to know, and fresh approaches are being developed all the time and being put into practice.

Learn frameworks and best practices to help you address disrupted travel patterns, develop your strategic thinking and prepare better transport strategy and plans.


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Monitoring and modelling travel time reliability

The use of reliability of trip arrival times does not normally form part of network performance monitoring and modelling. Reasons to monitor and model reliability of trip times include: (a) monitoring the performance of road network; (b) monitoring the performance of public transport networks and services; and (c) evaluating future options. Although some national guidelines … Read more

US Report identifies travel demand modelling shortcomings

The US Transportation Research Board has recently conducted a major study into the state-of-practice of travel demand forecasting theory and application in that country. TRB Special Report 288, Metropolitan Travel Forecasting: Current Practice and Future Direction, examines metropolitan travel forecasting models that provide public officials with information to inform decisions on major transportation system investments … Read more

Reducing transport carbon emissions

Stern in his 2006 report concluded that the economic, social and environmental cost of doing nothing is much higher than reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide is a hot topic for transport policy professionals. Australia’s transport contributes about 14% of all greenhouse gas and can be expected to grow in line … Read more

The Role of Transport Models in Evaluation

The use of transport models to estimate demand for travel in urban transport networks is well established. Models simulate travel demand between each each origin and destination zone (the study area is divided into analysis zones) and assigns those trips to the road and transit transport networks. Urban transport models used to predict changes in … Read more

Why is traffic congestion a problem?

Problems associated with the predicted levels of future traffic congestion and their proposed solutions have been extensively debated. Political parties at State and Local levels, be they in government or in opposition, have laid out their ‘fix it’ proposals. So too have other interested groups such as the motorist associations. Most transport professionals can agree … Read more