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What Drives Drivers? How to Influence Mobility Behaviours.

12 June 2020. Human Behaviour.


You would expect that when choosing how to travel we would pick the quickest, most convenient and cheapest alternative. But everyone has preferences and biases and don’t change their behaviour easily – using the car is easy, even for congested trips. New mobility operators (shared vehicles, electric bikes etc) and transport agencies need to understand the human behaviour behind travel choices to be able to encourage change. Read more …

Melbourne cyclists, pedestrians and road users better protected with CUBIC’s GRIDSMART

7 July 2020. Active Transport.


There has been a rise in walking and cycling in the past few months. Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane are now busily building extensive new cycle ways to accommodate increasing numbers of cyclists and pedestrians in the urban environment. Some of Melbourne’s bike routes have reported over 300 percent more use. Under the iMOVE CRC, Cubic is working with the University of Melbourne to bring improved detection needed at intersections. Read more …

US Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting goes Virtual

20 July 2020. Conference. Professional Development


The TRB Annual Meeting in its traditional face-to-face format attracts more than 14,000 transportation professionals from all over the world. The 100th Annual Meeting is due in January 2021 as a series of virtual events for the first time. Read more …

UK DoT published 2020-2025 Road Investment Strategy

16 April 2020. Investment Strategy.

The UK Department of Transport published the Second Road Investment Strategy (RIS2) which sets out the government’s plans for developing and improving the Strategic Road Network between 2020/21 and 2024/25. The key elements include a Strategic Vision, setting out our long-term vision for what the Strategic Road Network should be like in 2050 and the steps that will help us achieve it; the Performance Specification, setting out the government’s high-level expectations for what outcomes Highways England will deliver and an Investment Plan, setting out the government’s expenditure priorities for operations, maintenance, renewals and enhancements. Read more …

Public Transport can Bounce Back says ADB

3 August 2020. Public Transport.


Public transport must adapt to a “new normal” in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and adopt technologies that will render it more green and resilient to future disasters, according to a new report by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Read more …

COVID-19: What It Means for Transportation, and How We’re Responding

July 2020. Transport Demand.


As the transportation engineering and planning profession looks to the future, many are asking if COVID-19 will permanently change employees’ attitudes toward working from home and/or the modes of transportation they take to work. Kittleson and Associates published the results of their survey. Read more…

Supporting road managers in making safe, effective road freight access decisions

5 August 2020. Freight.


Austroads has published a report reviewing heavy vehicle road access guidelines and tools used by state and local government road managers across Australia and New Zealand. The report contains a decision-making framework so road managers can consistently and efficiently benefit from using these tools. Read more …

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