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Development of Crash Reduction Factors

21 May 2020. Road Safety.



The National Asset Centre of Excellence produced a research report on crash reduction factors are an essential data component in the evaluation and prioritisation of road projects, used primarily to estimate economic savings in crashes for proposed road improvement works. This allows for various potential design options to be compared, works programs to be prioritised, benefit-cost ratios to be estimated.

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Valuing place in the road transport system

20 July 2020. Transport Planning.



Transport agencies’ increasing adoption of the Movement and Place framework in transport planning demonstrates their focus on enabling good Place outcomes as well as traditional Movement outcomes. Austroads has published a research report to guide transport practitioners in better classifying, measuring and valuing Place through transport planning processes.

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On-Demand Transit Can Unlock Urban Mobility

7 November 2019. Public Transport.



For a century, mass transit and private cars have served different needs in the urban mobility landscape. Mass transit was designed to move as many people as possible at the lowest out-of-pocket cost for passengers, while cars offered flexibility and freedom. But neither is working effectively in most cities.

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Infrastructure Australia Assessment Framework Review

March 2020. Investment.

CIE 2020 IAAF review report_0 (1)


The Infrastructure Australia Assessment Framework sets out the method used to assess investment proposals for nationally significant infrastructure. The Centre for International Economics conducted an independent review of the Cost-Benefit Analysis method outlined in the current Assessment Framework (2018) and found overall that the current approach was fit for purpose and made some recommendations to improve the guidance. Read more …

Additions to ATAP T5 Travel Behaviour Change

June 2020. Travel Behaviour. 



The ATAP Guidelines currently publishes guidance on the assessment of Travel Behaviour Change initiatives in ATAP Part M5.

Several additions are now proposed to the current guidance, including a new section discussing the WA Cockburn Your Move initiative and another discussing the use of ticketing data in WA. Those additions are set out in this document for public consultation.

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Future Vehicles 2030

25 June 2020. Future Technology.



The Austroads Future Vehicles & Technology Program aims to deliver an improved road transport network that leverages the benefits of emerging technologies whilst minimising some of the risks inevitably faced during a period of such rapid change. The latest report Future Vehicles 2030 provides forecasts for the uptake of selected technologies in new Australian passenger vehicles up to 2030 and the penetration of these technologies into the vehicle fleet.

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Analysis Tool for Design Treatments to Address Non-recurrent Congestion

November 2014. Traffic Congestion.



The Analysis Tool provides an analysis method to determine the effects of highway geometric design treatments on non-recurrent congestion using a reliability framework. The tool can analyse a homogenous segment of a freeway (typically between interchanges) by allowing users to input data about site geometry, traffic demand, incident history, weather, special events, and work zones. Using these data, the tool calculates base reliability conditions which can analyse the effectiveness of treatments by providing input data of the treatment effects and cost parameters. The tool predicts cumulative travel time index curves for each hour of the day, from which other reliability variables are computed and displayed. The tool also calculates cost-effectiveness by assigning monetary values. Read more …

Universal Urban Access: Toward Sustainable Mobility

October 2019. Transport Planning.

Screenshot - UniversalUrbanAccessGlobalRoadmapofAction.pdf


This detailed report, edited by Todd Litman, evaluates urban transport problems and identifies effective solutions. It is one of six Global Roadmap of Action reports published by Sustainable Mobility for All, a major international program to achieve four policy goals (universal access, efficiency, safety and green) for all modes of transportation around the world.

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2021 TRB Annual Meeting – A Virtual Event

11 August 2020. Conference. Professional Development.



The TRB 100th Annual Meeting will be conducted as a virtual event on 21-22 January 2021 between 10am and 4pm and 25-29 January 2021 between 10am and 5:30pm (All times are US Eastern Standard Time – 10am US EST is 1am AEST!). The decision to go virtual was made out of concern for the health and safety of all meeting attendees, in light of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The full 2021 program, including full details on sessions and workshops, will be posted to the TRB website in November 2020. Read more …