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Smarter Regions CRC: AI and Regional Australia

Driverless Vehicles.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents an opportunity and a threat to regional Australia. If communities, universities and government work together, we can maximise the benefits and minimise the threats from this powerful new form of technology for regional Australia. This Smarter Regions Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) will give regional Australia the ability to act with urgency and scale to address some of the key challenges and opportunities facing regional Australia.
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VTPI: Lessons from Pandemics: Comparing Urban and Rural Risks

April 2020. Transport Planning.



Todd Litman, Victoria Transport Policy Institute. Many people assume that infectious disease risks make cities dangerous, but this is generally untrue. Other factors have more effect on pandemic risk and mortality rates, making cities safer and healthier than rural areas overall.
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NOCoE Operations Benefit/Cost Analysis

June 2013. Investment. Operations.



National Operations Center of Excellence. This document provides guidance on the setup and application of the Tool for Operations Benefit/Cost (TOPS-BC) which was developed to provide key decision support capabilities including:

  • investigate the expected range of impacts associated with previous deployments and analyses of many TSM&O strategies
  • identify appropriate tools and methodologies for conducting a benefit/cost analysis
  • estimate the life-cycle costs of various TSM&O strategies, including capital, replacement, and continuing operations and maintenance (O&M) costs; and
  • conducting simple sketch planning level B/C analysis for selected TSM&O strategies.

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Transportist: The 30-Minute City: Designing for Access

August 2020. Transport Planning.



Professor David Levinson, University of Sydney.

Download a PDF version of The 30-Minute City: Designing for Access, which describes how to implement The 30-Minute City. The first part of the book explains accessibility. Read more …

Read the August 2020 edition of the Transportist newsletter

Cubic: Using Technology to Control Coronavirus on Public Transport

July 2020. Public Transport.



The coronavirus may be the catalyst to faster adoption of contactless payment technology for public transport, with potential safety benefits including fewer physical touchpoints when making payments, and less exposure to contaminated surfaces.

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Austroads Guide to Traffic Management updated

April 2020. Traffic Management.

The Austroads Guide to Traffic Management updated April 2020, has 13 parts and provides comprehensive traffic management guidance for practitioners involved in traffic engineering, road design and road safety.

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Austroads provides regular webinars on their new guides and reports

BCG: The Future of Commercial Vehicles

October 2019. Freight.

Big changes are brewing in the commercial vehicle market. The advent of new types of powertrains, rapid progress in autonomous driving technol­ogy, and the explosion in connec­tivity are spurring unprecedented changes in attitudes and expectations—of buyers as well as of the general public—and in regulation. We anticipate that by 2030 these developments will have fundamentally transformed the market. Read more …

ITSA: Mobility 2020 – MaaS, Future Mobility & More

online conference 2-3 September 2020. Mobility as a Service.



MaaS offers the potential to drastically improve customer choices, reduce travel costs, increase network capacity and transport sustainability while improving social and environmental outcomes.

From a concept that excited the industry to consider how we might rethink transport to a real world offering that is providing a new way to plan, book and pay for transport.

Mobility 2020 will be a VIRTUAL CONFERENCE. Registration is available to members and non members of ITS Australia. Discount registration is available to all employees of ITS Australia members.

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Challenges in Managing Major Projects

August 2020. Project Management


Delivering major transport projects is very challenging – with long planning horizons, complex interfaces, multiple stakeholders and the potential for major scope changes.

Poor project management results in overruns and delays, poor quality outputs, and higher costs.

There is increasing pressure for well-planned and delivered transport projects that meet agreed time, cost and quality requirements.

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Kittleson: Webinar Recording: Trends in Roundabout Design & Implementation

July 2020. Road Design.

Screenshot - Webinar Recording Trends in Roundabout Design & Implementation Kittelson & Associates,

source: Webinar about trends in roundabout design and implementation, including dialogue about trends in roundabout design and implementation through a webinar.
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NACoE: Automated Roadworks Detection using Next Generation Traffic Data

June 2020. Traffic Operations.


National Asset Centre of Excellence. Roadworks cause disruption to the transport network resulting in delay and congestion. The aim of this project was to conduct real-time detection for roadwork events on the Queensland road network using data sourced from HERE Technologies real-time traffic. The intention is to seek to use probe data sources to validate activation and deactivation times of roadwork sites, to potentially support improved traveller information as well as support auditing.
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