Your Transport News 8 Nov 2020

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Should Your Business Case Emphasise Qualitative Assessment?

Thought Piece

In my view there has been a lot of biased criticism of multi-criteria analysis (MCA), plus central/funding agencies focus primarily on benefit-cost analysis. Qualitative assessments, such as MCA and AST should receive greater emphasis. What do you think? Read more …

Demand for plug-in hybrids and EVs outpace diesel in Europe

Future Vehicles and Technology

The presence and popularity of cars running on alternate fuel technology is becoming increasingly evident and the numbers reflect it too. Nowhere, perhaps, is the rise more evident that in Europe where several countries have rolled out massive incentives to popularise electric vehicles. As such, the demand for plug-in hybrids and EVs in the month of September here outpaced the demand for diesel vehicles for the first time ever. [Read more]

Tesla Full Self-Driving feature now costs $US10,000

Future Vehicles and Technology

Nov 2020. Tesla’s long-promised Full Self-Driving mode has recently reached its first customers in beta form. Some report flawless activity, while others documented inconsistencies and some scary moments. [Read more]

Priority data sets for road managers

Data. Planning.

Austroads has published new priority data sets for state and local government to provide a common understanding for the collection of road related data in Australia and New Zealand. [Read more]

Best Practice Approaches to Road Freight and Communities

Transport Planning

Austroads commissioned project ‘Best Practice Approaches to Road Freight and Communities’ developed guidelines for best practice strategies and supporting materials for road planners to communicate the importance of road freight. This was undertaken within the concept of a ‘social licence to operate’ which refers to the fostering and maintenance of community and stakeholder support for projects and operations. [Read more] Free webinar on Thursday 26 November 2020 [Webinar]

Delivering safety for heavy vehicle licensing

Freight. Safety.

A highly qualified consortium has been appointed to deliver the final stage of the National Heavy Vehicle Driver Competency Framework review and revision, which will produce improvements for heavy vehicle driver training and licensing systems across Australia. [Read more]

Volvo’s first heavy-duty electric trucks will hit the road in 2022

Freight. Future Vehicles and Technology

The new trucks are electric versions of Volvo’s FH, FM and FMX trucks, used for regional transport and urban construction. Since they’re designed to do relatively short runs between concrete plants and city construction sites, for instance, the relatively short range wouldn’t be an issue. Volvo Trucks is shooting for operational costs — including fuel, financing and second hand value — “as comparable as possible” to diesel trucks. [Read more]

Self-driving air taxis inspired by a private jet

Future Vehicles and Technology

Although the world is still battling the coronavirus, an Italian designer Andrea Ponit is looking towards a post-pandemic world to help commuters travel safely and securely to their destination. Ponit released a gallery of concept designs for a private jet-like drone that carries up to four passengers while they sit in single seats with soft fabric and leather cushions. [Read more]

NTC In-Vehicle Safety Discussion Paper

Safety. Future Vehicles and Technology

In the ITS Australia next webinar, Marcus Burke and Rahila David from the National Transport Commission (NTC) will be discussing the content of a new national law to keep automated vehicles safe on the road – or ‘in-service’. The NTC is currently exploring issues such as compliance and enforcement, in-service modifications and the role and functions of an in-service safety regulator in the latest discussion paper, open now for public consultation. [Discussion Paper] [Webinar 12 Nov 20]

ITS Australia Awards Showcase – week 3

Future Vehicles and Technology

ITS Australia features some of the outstanding technologies and projects that are part of this year’s Awards, including Bridge Structural Health Monitoring System, When to Travel Physical Capacity Indicator, Evolution of the National Telematics Framework. [Read more]

The New Normal, Mobility and Activity in the `After Times’

Transport Planning

We may be nearing “peak city”. This shift undermines all of the place-based strategies that economic development organisations have been promoting for decades. Prof Levinson, Transportist. [Read more]

Updating Austroads Pedestrian Planning and Design Guidance


This report details the results of a review of Austroads guidance to ensure that transport agencies have access to up-to-date pedestrian planning and design information that reflects national and international good practice. [Read more]

Developing a method for quantifying transport dependencies

Transport Planning

An interdependency exists when one infrastructure has a direct impact on the performance of another, making it prone to impact from external shocks or failures. For example, roads provide critical access to water and power supplies, which in turn provide essential services to hospitals (which rely on water and power to operate). This research aimed to develop a method to quantify transport networks’ interdependence with other networks. This information could be used to improve both network and community resilience. NZTA RR671. [Read more]

Cityscape in Perth, western Australia. Photo shot from Kings Park

Infrastructure Australia to advise on COVID-19 recovery


Infrastructure Australia has received additional funding in the 2020–21 Federal Budget to provide reform and investment advice in support of the infrastructure-led COVID recovery. this will include: Expand the 2021 Australian Infrastructure Plan to respond to COVID-19; Lead new research on the capacity of the infrastructure sector to deliver the investment pipeline; and Conduct a comprehensive reset of IAs Assessment Framework. [Read more]

The Digital Vehicle of the Future

Future Vehicles and Technology

The design architectures of road vehicles – for both personal and freight transport – are being transformed by digital technologies. The high functionality of these technologies, and their speed of development, represent a new era in the century-long progress of automotive engineering. [Webinar 10 Nov 20]

Connecting people and places: Exploring new measures of travel behavior

Transport Planning

The physical design of neighborhoods—from the density of their buildings to how they dedicate space for transportation—has far-reaching impacts on how people choose to travel. Reducing the physical distance between destinations and supporting proximity can allow for greater transportation choice and generate a range of shared benefits, including a cleaner environment, safer and more affordable transportation, and lower infrastructure costs. Brookings. [Read more]

Free course on Project Foundations

Project Management. Business Cases

Much of a professional’s work involves delivering projects. Setting up the foundation is key to success – whether a planning project or business case or a delivery project.  [Enrol now]

Learn Decision Making Skills

Decision Making

A free eBook that will teach you tactics that you can apply to your professional practice. You will learn how to master your mindset and apply seven decision making strategies. [Get your ebook]

Prof Phil Charles, Transport Futures Institute