Addressing Transport Challenges

There is a growing need for transport professionals with specialist strategic analysis skills, expertise in getting results and delivering value for money.

Finding solutions for transport problems is a key skill to protect your future career.

Addressing Transport Challenges means identifying what is important, where to focus your effort and be able to develop transport strategies and practical solutions that meet the expectations of today's decision makers.


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Addressing Transport Challenges

Clarify Problems, Articulate Desired Outcomes and Choose the Best Solution.

Transport professionals face complex challenges in developing practical responses to meet community needs.

This book provides a systematic approach to analysing transport issues, establishing clear objectives, identifying solution options, assessing value for money, engaging stakeholders, and delivering successful outcomes.
You will learn:

  • How to analyse problems and clarify desired outcomes
  • A process for establishing strategy and choosing practical solutions
  • Assessing options for cost-effectiveness and value for money
  • Engaging partners and stakeholders for success
  • Approaches for effective project delivery and evaluation

With practical examples and tools, this book equips professionals with the key concepts and techniques to address current and emerging transport challenges.

An essential guide for transport planners, engineers, and policy makers seeking to achieve the best transport solutions.


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Addressing Transport Challenges


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