Previous courses

In person short courses

Developing Transport Performance Measures. Describe and measure the impact of transport infrastructure and services projects. Held
24-25 October 2019, Brisbane.

Developing Transport Investment Proposals Provides an opportunity to enhance the professional skills required to prepare business cases. Held 12-13 September 2019, Brisbane. Also held in Maroochydore in February 2019, and March and in Brisbane May 2019

Delivering Road Safety Outcomes
Practical training for transport professionals in road safety fundamentals and delivery.
Held 22-23 August 2019, Brisbane

Addressing Transport Challenges
Develop practical solutions to complex transport challenges.
Held 25-26 July 2019, Brisbane. Now online – see above.

Multimodal Integrated Transport Planning
A short course providing conceptual and applied aspects of multimodal integrated transport planning projects, and engaging key stakeholders. Held at USQ Toowoomba in April 2019 and May 2019 in Maroochydore.