Best Practices for Traffic Incident Management in Florida

Florida Department of Transportation released a report in 2005 that examines traffic incident management programs, procedures, and techniques from throughout the US and within Florida; summarises lessons learned and best practices; identifies suitable performance measures for incident management programs; and recommends overall program improvements for application in Florida.

The report documents the best practices currently being used in incident management. Among these practices are the following:
• Road Ranger service patrols
• Co-location of agencies in traffic management centres
• Statewide and regional traffic incident management teams
• Written “Open Roads Policy” with a stated time goal
• Roadway Incident Scene Clearance program
• Traffic Management Vehicle
• Severe Incident Response Vehicle
• Interim Traffic Management System
• 5-1-1 Motorist information systems
• Photogrammetry for incident investigation

The findings of this report have broader application to any jurisdiction considering improving traffic incident management.

Report prepared by the Center for Urban Transportation at the University of Southern Florida for Florida DoT. Download report (31 pages, PDF, 0.4MB)

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