Are you missing this key step?

To be a successful professional you should follow the Kaizen principle, or continuous improvement. Best practice program and project management methodologies follow the life-cycle of: Initiate or Concept > Plan > Execute or Deliver > Monitor and Review. In my experience the last step often gets missed. To be able to continuously improve means understanding … Read more

Freight Transport Strategy and Performance

A collation of articles and websites on freight transport strategy and performance. National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy Released in August 2019, the Strategy is an agreed national approach to Australia’s freight and supply chains. There are six delivery areas that will be reported in an annual evaluation of performance: Improved efficiency and international competitiveness … Read more

Passenger Transport Performance across Australia

A collation of articles and websites on passenger transport performance across Australia. Australian Public Transport Barometer  The Australian Public Transport Barometer has been developed in partnership between the Tourism & Transport Forum (TTF) and L.E.K. to provide up-to-date insights about the performance of major metropolitan public transport networks in Australia. As each of the major … Read more

Using program logic to ensure successful transport outcomes

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results. ~ Winston Churchill 1874-1965, UK Prime Minister Monitoring the success of the outcomes of transport programs is not done well, even though transport agencies are accountable for the effective use of public funds.  Demonstrating the success of current transport programs, in delivering transport outcomes, … Read more

How to manage transport performance

The maxim of ‘what gets measured gets done’ is very true. A carefully selected performance measure and target that is regularly reported provides a very real incentive and results focus. The success of any transport program can be measured a number of ways, reflecting the diverse perspectives of the different stakeholders. The primary categories of transport … Read more

Seven success principles for transport business cases

Investment appraisal is about deciding the option that promises the best return, relative to the risk of failure involved. What are the success principles that help you in developing a robust business case? For a private investor considering an investment, the project option that returns the best profit, relative to the amount invested and the … Read more

What every transport professional should know about road safety

Road safety refers to the interventions or countermeasures used to reduce or prevent road users from being killed or seriously injured. Let me outline some of the road safety myths and facts that every transport professional should know. 1. “Road safety is no accident”  An accident is defined as … An unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly … Read more

Are there more than 3 E’s in Road Safety?

Success in improving road safety is achieved by applying the ‘traditional’ 3 E’s: Engineering, Education and Enforcement, preferably in combination. ‘Engineering’ refers to building safer road infrastructure, traffic engineering and vehicle and equipment safety.  Road safety ‘education’ is a combination of driver training, and public education, in the form of promotions or advertisements on radio, … Read more

Where the Future of Road Safety?

Road safety at its core has the inherent risks from a combination of the physical vulnerability of the human body and the levels of kinetic energy in crashes – resulting from speed and mass. Looking back, in Australia the peak road safety fatality rate occurred in the early 1970’s – in excess of 30 fatalities … Read more