Your Transport Future 24 Aug 20

Add your details below to subscribe to this newsletter. Smarter Regions CRC: AI and Regional Australia Driverless Vehicles. source: Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents an opportunity and a threat to regional Australia. If communities, universities and government work together, we can maximise the benefits and minimise the threats from this powerful new form of technology … Read more

Challenges in Managing Major Projects

Delivering major transport projects is very challenging – with long planning horizons, complex interfaces, multiple stakeholders and the potential for major scope changes. Poor project management results in overruns and delays, poor quality outputs, and higher costs. There is increasing pressure for well-planned and delivered transport projects that meet agreed time, cost and quality requirements. … Read more

Your Transport Future 17 Aug 20

Add your details below to subscribe to this newsletter. Development of Crash Reduction Factors 21 May 2020. Road Safety. source: The National Asset Centre of Excellence produced a research report on crash reduction factors are an essential data component in the evaluation and prioritisation of road projects, used primarily to estimate economic savings in … Read more

Your Transport Future 10 Aug 20

Add your details below to subscribe to this newsletter. What Drives Drivers? How to Influence Mobility Behaviours. June 2020. Human Behaviour. You would expect that when choosing how to travel we would pick the quickest, most convenient and cheapest alternative. But everyone has preferences and biases and don’t change their behaviour easily – using the … Read more

What will be the ‘new normal’ for transport?

Much of the work of transport professionals involves delivering projects. Setting up the foundation is key to success – whether a planning project or business case or a technical or infrastructure delivery project. I’ve been thinking about what transport will look like in the ‘new’ normal – whenever and whatever that looks like. Currently, the traffic … Read more

The Future of Professional Development – USQ Mini-courses – update

See previous article. USQ UpSkill background The University of Southern Queensland (USQ) has established UpSkill ‘Professional learning for the 21st Century’ – with practical online mini-courses. Currently, there are business, management, marketing and education courses, and more are being developed. USQ is a recognised leader in online and blended education and has established a reputation … Read more