Using program logic to ensure successful transport outcomes

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results. ~ Winston Churchill 1874-1965, UK Prime Minister Monitoring the success of the outcomes of transport programs is not done well, even though transport agencies are accountable for the effective use of public funds.  Demonstrating the success of current transport programs, in delivering transport outcomes, … Read more

How to manage transport performance

The maxim of ‘what gets measured gets done’ is very true. A carefully selected performance measure and target that is regularly reported provides a very real incentive and results focus. The success of any transport program can be measured a number of ways, reflecting the diverse perspectives of the different stakeholders. The primary categories of transport … Read more

A time of unprecedented change in the transport system

The UK Government Foresight report, published in January 2019, reviews emerging trends, challenges and opportunities for the UK transport system out to 2040. Similar challenges and opportunities can be extrapolated for other jurisdictions, including Australia. The report considers four plausible future scenarios to help decision–makers think about the future of transport. Transport users are experiencing … Read more