Motor Mania

Motor Mania is a cartoon made by the Walt Disney Company in 1950. In this madcap motoring animation, Goofy transforms into a Mr Hyde-type split personality, when he gets behind the wheel.

The cartoon shows how the character, as the pleasant, friendly and good-natured ‘Mr Walker’, undergoes a change in personality to the belligerent ‘Mr Wheeler’ when he gets behind the wheel of his car.

Mr Wheeler is self-centered, inconsiderate and borderline violent. Upon reaching his destination in town and leaving his car, he reverts to the mild-mannered Mr Walker, whereupon he is the victim of other motorists’ unsafe (and sometimes even predatory) driving habits. However, once he returns to his car, he becomes Mr Wheeler again, seeking to impose his own will upon traffic, to the point of blaming the tow truck that hauls him away for his slow pace after an car crash.

This cartoon reveals that road rage is not a recent phenomenon, but an issue recurring with each generation of drivers.

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