Review of Current Traffic Incident Management Practices

Austroads released the second report from its Improving Traffic Incident Management project. The project involves a review of traffic incident management in major urban regions across Australia and New Zealand and is designed to identify innovative practices that may be suitable for wider application, as well as provide a benchmark for ongoing improvement.

This report reviewed current traffic incident management practices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, to identify successful practices and challenges or gaps in current practices that could lead to improvements in the management of traffic incidents.

The assessment covered program and institutional issues (strategy and programs, resourcing, performance measurement, institutional arrangements), operational issues (procedures for major incidents, responder and motorist safety, response and clearance policies and procedures) and communication and technology issues (integrated inter-agency communications, transport management systems and traveller information).

The methodology used was similar to the US Federal Highways Administration’s traffic incidnet management self-assessment approach.

Download the free report from Austroads [Report AP-R297/07, 60 page PDF, 0.34MB]

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