Freight Transport Strategy and Performance

A collation of articles and websites on freight transport strategy and performance.

National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy

Released in August 2019, the Strategy is an agreed national approach to Australia’s freight and supply chains. There are six delivery areas that will be reported in an annual evaluation of performance:

  • Improved efficiency and international competitiveness
  • Safe, secure and sustainable operations
  • A fit for purpose regulatory environment
  • Innovative solutions to meet freight demand
  • A skilled and adaptable workforce
  • An informed understanding and acceptance of freight operations

A national freight performance dashboard has been published, which includes trends in activity, economics, safety and sustainability.

NSW Freight and Ports Plan 2018-2023

A call to action for government and industry to collaborate on clear initiatives and targets to make the NSW freight task more efficient and safe. Published in September 2018.

NSW Freight Hub

Includes strategic freight forecasts and a Freight Performance Dashboard, which shows Strategic Targets from the NSW Freight and Ports Plan as well as key road, rail and other performance measures.

Freight Victoria

Freight Victoria has been established to coordinate the development of an efficient freight and logistics system.

As the central point of contact for the freight and logistics industry, local government and primary producers, Freight Victoria has spent the past year developing freight policy and implementing the key actions in Victoria’s freight plan, Delivering the Goods.

The Victorian Freight Plan 2018-50 outlines potential performance indicators:

Queensland Freight Strategy

The Strategy aims to provide an integrated, resilient and safe freight system that supports the economy and community across five areas, each directly related to the Transport Coordination Plan objectives.

One of the critical enablers identified is quality freight data to provide the ability to measure freight system performance.

Freight Data Requirements Study 

The study is a comprehensive analysis of the needs for, and availability of freight data in Australia. iMOVE (a consortium of 44 industry, government, and research partners) found a highly fragmented environment in which much data is collected but its inconsistency and dispersed storage severely reduces its usefulness.

Performance Measures for Freight Transportation

NCFRP Report 10: Performance Measures for Freight Transportation, published in 2011 by the Transportation Research Board presents a comprehensive, objective, and consistent set of measures to gauge the performance of the US freight transportation system. These measures are presented in the form of a Freight System Report Card.

Freight Performance Measure Primer

Produced by the US Federal Highways Administration recommends best practices and recommended freight performance measures for the private and public sectors. The recommended measures are listed under Safety, Maintenance and Preservation, Mobility, Reliability, and Congestion, Accessibility and Connectivity and Environment.

Photo source: Transport for NSW

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